Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Nerdy Art

This woman uses CAD to develop some pretty interesting art, some based on math. Small statues and engraved crystal pieces.

Very cool stuff

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Virally bad

This is why i hate advertising. A fake blog (now known as flogs) done by Sony to sell their PSP. Originally pulled from the internet once it became known that it wasn't legitimate, but a viral campaign by Sony, but now put back up by the Consumerist to show how bad it is.

View the carnage.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tune in Tokyo

Ahh...what we've all been waiting for.

Tweak 'em here.

One ring to...transformers roll out!

Everyone loves mash-up trailers. And i love transformers and lord of the rings.

Got anonymity?

Now you can have your own free throw-away phone number. Just go to this site, and sign up for a phone number and tell them how long you want it for. The service is free and legitimate, and is perfect for putting listings up giving out a number to someone who may be less than trustworthy.

Plug-in Speakers

I don't know how these badboys sound, but the idea is definitely very cool. Just plug in your speakers and they'll wirelessly connect (with the addition of an FM transmitter) to whatever said transmitter is plugged into.

Have outlet, will listen.


I know. I'm tasteless. Joe Barberra, of Hanna-Barbera went to the great picnic table in the sky today at the age of 95. His imagination largely influenced my life, being the addicted cartoon-watcher that I am. Here's to you, Joe.

Exit stage left, even.


Does your inner-geek need some bling? Have an extra $39K lying around? Then you need the platinum, diamond-encrusted USB drive.


Monday, December 18, 2006

Do I miss my beard?

No, not really. Especially after seeing such beautiful facial hair growths such as these:

Check 'em all out.

Cube-based WMDs

Your cubemate pissing you off? Fire off a few rounds with your own desktop mounted artillery. Although I can't figure out why the projectiles have scantily clad women, but who am I to complain?
Weaponize here

Google Maps + NASA = Nerd Heaven

NASA has teamed with Google to add new functionality to Maps, so that you can now view 3D high resolution maps of the moon and Mars. They've also tossed in real time weather visualization and forecasting, and maybe even real-time tracking of the International Space Station.

Very cool.

Check out the NASA release.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

it begins

After massive worldwide requests (well, maybe just a couple), I've decided to start bringing together all of the interesting (to me) bits and bytes I come across. I might even say some original things. Who knows?

To start things off, here's everyone's favorite mohawked man. Enjoy!